Presentation Folders

Never underestimate the value of presentation. By dressing your documents up in a presentation folder you can give people the impression that you are meticulous with everything you do, as well as utilising another chance to showcase your brand. Available in oversized A5 and A4, we have 2 options available to you.

Folder Printing (Fordingbridge)

Glued Folders

Glued Folder Printing (Fordingbridge)

These are die cut and taped along one edge giving you the opportunity to print on the pocket. Our glued presentation folders are available as oversized A4 and A5 and are supplied finished and ready to go. Printed single or double-sided, they offer a large pocket that’s glued on one edge and can hold around 15 sheets of paper, making them ideal to use as welcome packs or for keeping important documents organised in meetings.

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Interlocking Folders

Interlocking Folder Printing (Fordingbridge)

These are folded and creased with interlocking flaps ready for assembly. These can be printed double or single-sided, with edges that lock together to create a sturdy pocket. A business card slot is included in the pocket.

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