This form of advertising is currently becoming more popular. We offer 4 different lengths of pole and 3 different flag shapes for each pole. Our range of bases are suitable for most ground surfaces, pole sizes and atmospheric conditions.

Flag Printing (Fordingbridge)


Flag Printing Shapes (Feather, Crest & Tear Drop)


Flag Printing Cross BaseCross Base:
Light cross foot for indoor or outside use in sheltered areas on even ground
Flag Printing (Weight Ring)Weight Ring:
Rubber ring to be filled with water and serve as a weight mainly for cross bases
Flag Printing (Plastic Ground Stake)Plastic Ground Stake:
All flag types in a sandy terrain or in snow
Flag Printing (Ground Spike)Ground Spike:
All flag types, to be knocked into grass or soil surfaces
Flag Printing (Square Base)Square Base:
All flag types on flat surfaces
Flag Printing (Large Cross Base)Large Cross Base:
Cross foot for indoor or outside use on flat surfaces
Flag Printing (Drive on Car Foot)Drive-on Car Foot:
Drive-on flag support
Flag Printing (Outdoor Water Base)Outdoor Water Base:
Plastic foot for flags to be filled with water

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